uno form kitchens are created with head, heart and hands. At our factory in Farsø, everything is built by hand without the help of robots and assembly lines. This is not to say that machines are not used, but only where necessary. However, all the processes that benefit from hand craftsmanship are done by hand. For example, all the units are assembled and sanded by hand, which is of crucial importance to the final finish and quality.

All unit carcases are assembled using tongue-and-groove joints, ensuring the tightest and strongest construction.

We are proud to embrace the finest joinery traditions and challenge the trend of mass-produced standard kitchens. Our devotion to craftsmanship ensures that our products possess raw strength and lasting beauty.


At uno form, we use only the finest materials whose appearance, strength and origin we are proud of. These quality materials make uno form kitchens a highly durable product. Our materials do not become worn – they acquire a natural patina, which is why a uno form kitchen only becomes more beautiful with age.

We only use Grade A, solid untreated wood and noble wood veneers. Concepts such as waste wood or Grade B wood do not exist at uno form. The wood is imported from different parts of the world – naturally only from approved eco-friendly wood production.

Prior to kitchen production, the veneer is stored, quality assured and selected according to the structure, colour and grain pattern of the wood. In this way we ensure that the finished kitchen has a natural harmonious tint and homogeneous appearance.

In the C-series product series, we use special stainless steel exterior hinges for the doors.

This is yet further evidence of uno form’s uncompromising perfectionistic approach to choice of materials.