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100 per cent original The uno form story began in Arne Munch’s basement in Lyngby. It was here that his ideas came to fruition and he produced his first uno form kitchen designs on graph paper. Arne Munch was not in the business of drawing advanced sketches or making complex models, as his kitchen concepts were as simple as they were ingenious.

With his distinctive design, advertising and business talents, resourcefulness and the ability to provoke, Arne Munch revolutionised the Danish kitchen industry in the late 1960s. He constructed a cube measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm. The square module, which could be used freely and independently of requirements and space considerations, resulted in an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture based on balanced dimensions.


Classic is the original classic series from uno form, designed in 1968 by Arne Munch. C-Series has a stringent appearance with cubic elements, beautiful and practical slatted drawer fronts and a high plinth that allows the space to be fully utilised – from the floor to the worktop.

uno form C-Series Oak
Reflect Natur Eg | unoform


By Søren Rose
Interior designer, New York

It is when daylight hits the curve that the magic arises, and it is when the changing light conditions throughout the day meet the beautifully curved front surfaces that the exquisite play of light unfolds.


We have combined Shaker traditions with contemporary Nordic design to create modern rooms with character. The result is relaxed luxury in subdued colours, simple shapes and pure lines. Rooms that offer peace and relaxation for both the soul and the eye.

Shaker kitchens
Avantgarde køkken | uno form


Less is more. Avantgarde invites Scandinavian nature inside. Also in its design. You can therefore choose between painted surfaces and natural veneers, which together with all the consummate details in wood will give your uno form kitchen the perfect look. Natural. And genuine through and through.

Bathroom with walnut drawer elements.


uno form wardrobe in wood




uno form