First I found the curve, then we invented the kitchen

Reflect Kitchen by Søren Rose
Interior designer, New York

Reflect sketch - kurven | unoform

The perfect curve is the plot in the story about Reflect. It is when daylight strikes the curve that the magic arises; for it is when the changing light throughout the day illuminates the kitchen's beautifully curved surfaces that the exquisite play of light and shade occurs.

A difference you cannot fail to notice.

Perceptions of what a kitchen should look are relatively fixed. So fixed that some might say many kitchens are almost indistinguishable from each other – at least at first glance.

Wood varieties and drawer sizes change, the colour combinations for fronts and laminates vary, and of course the choice of white goods, fixtures and worktops adds a personal touch to any kitchen. But overall, these are just variations on the same theme.

This is how it appears on superficial inspection in any case, but as soon as you step closer and pull out the drawers, the quality difference becomes clear.

The curve was the answer
However, from time to time something happens that fundamentally changes our perception of what a kitchen can look like. In this case, it was something as simple as a curve that provided the answer.

Reflect Kitchen is unique at first glance – and the curve can definitely also bear closer inspection.

The curve had found its kitchen.

Reflect Røget Eg | unoform

The surface transforms the visual effect of the curves.
And the difference is not merely superficial.

It is when daylight hits the curve that the magic arises, and it is
when the changing light conditions throughout the day meet the beautifully curved
curved front surfaces that the exquisite play of light unfolds.

colours & materials

Copenhagen Collection - Eg

Available in one exclusive wood variety.

Uncompromising kitchens are like complex wines – they change in the hours after you start enjoying them, and the best ones get better and more beautiful with time.

These admirable qualities are clearly evident in our oak kitchens, all of which are products of exquisite, carefully crafted materials that last the distance and leave you with a vintage kitchen that testifies to the life lived in it.

The colours are different but the foundation is the same.

And the foundation is just as solid as the surfaces are silky soft and elegant – and so resilient that you can say goodbye to greasy fingerprints. You can choose between seven laminate colours, which are all represented on this page – and range between the two extremes of black and white. The ultra matte laminates are top class, and on par with the general craftsmanship.

Reflect | unoform

created with passion

uno form is individual luxury for the discerning. At our workshop in Denmark, every piece of wood is closely examined and assessed by professionals who are passionate about their work. Experienced craftsmen who are still touched by the sight of an accomplished piece of cabinetmaking – and who are driven by the desire to create flawless units and exclusive details that give uno form life. And soul.

Reflect Natur Eg | unoform
uno form production
Reflect by Søren Rose | unoform