Indoor climate label

We want to ensure a good indoor climate in your home. We have therefore made sure that uno form’s kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes live up to the so-called Danish Indoor Climate Label. This is your guarantee that your purchase in no way represents a health hazard.

Good indoor climate backed by a label

The Indoor Climate Label establishes requirements for the use of materials and focuses on indoor substance emission. The label guarantees that all the materials we use have been tested for degasification and odour emission and that they do not impair the indoor climate or affect health and well-being.

The Danish Technological Institute is responsible for monitoring, testing and awarding the Indoor Climate Label.

Indoor climate

You, too, can take steps to ensure a good indoor climate. Regularly ventilate the rooms of the house and ensure you have a mechanical ventilation system installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Repair any moisture and water damage and choose building materials that do not give off unpleasant odours or harmful vapours.