A Danish furniture classic

In Denmark, we are skilled at combining great craftsmanship with visionary design. uno form is an excellent example of this.

As the original Danish design kitchen, uno form takes its rightful place among the long line of furniture classics which, by virtue of groundbreaking design and a desire for change, have profiled Danish design.

The geometric precision of uno form's square standard module rooted in classic, architectural ideals creates a harmonious interior. The expression is light, almost minimalistic. The clean lines of the uno form kitchen elevate it above the short-lived trends that come and go. At the same time, the flexibility and functionality of the square modules remain unparalleled – they can be used independently, irrespective of need and room layout.

From plinth to wall unit, uno form epitomises perfect kitchen design, and like any other design classic, our concept has paved the way for many other design kitchens inspired by uno form's clean functional lines.

Even though uno form still abides by Arne Munch’s fundamental concept from 1968, our kitchens remain the focus of constant development. New concepts are regularly added to the uno form range, and the existing units are developed on an ongoing basis – both in terms of function and visual detail.

uno form is the very essence of sustainable design. Timeless. An original.