Fenix laminater

New ultra matte laminates

Get an ultra matte and highly scratch resistant laminate surface which feels silky to the touch and leaves virtually no fingerprints behind. uno form is introducing the innovative new laminate from FENIX NTM as an option on all products in our C series.

FENIX NTM is a revolutionary new type of laminate surface based on nanotechnology. The panel has the great advantage over similar products that the melamine layer has been nano treated throughout.

The surface has many good properties, such as:

  • Ultra matte
  • Low reflectivity
  • Silky to the touch
  • Leaves virtually no fingerprints behind
  • Extra scratch resistant and hard wearing.

uno form has chosen 5 lovely natural hues which beautifully complement our wood finishes.

Visit www.fenixntm.com or one of our many showrooms if you want to know more about the new ultra matte laminates.

The colours are: