The ultimate kitchen.

What distinguishes the extraordinary Copenhagen Collection from ordinary high-quality kitchens is an uncompromising choice of materials combined with razor-sharp aesthetics, demanding design solutions and ingenious – and not least lasting – functionality.

By removing the front panels from all the drawers and everything else that is superfluous to the design, we are faced with even stricter architectural and functional requirements. Why? Because you are left with the core: An open, mercilessly naked carcass that is cut to the bone and totally exposed. There is nothing to hide behind – and we have nothing to hide.

On the contrary. At first glance, Copenhagen Collection will seem like a revelation – a feeling that will endure far into the future.

Form, function and flexibility

The new collection has been created and developed in Arne Munch’s original spirit. His design philosophy lives on in everything we do and deliver today. And then as now, we don’t just design unique and uncompromising kitchens: We develop attractive and flexible furniture that creates aesthetic and functional rooms.

This approach is also very much reflected in the different model variations in the Copenhagen Collection.

For example, you can choose furniture modules with leg frames made of brushed stainless steel – regardless of whether the elements are free-standing or placed against a wall. You can also choose solid wood leg frames to complete the look created by your favourite wood type. Or the classic combination of a plinth with practical plinth drawers. Finally, you can choose – or create variation with – wall-mounted modules.

The possibilities are endless, but the philosophy is always the same. Form, function and flexibility in outstanding quality.

Copenhagen Collection
Copenhagen Collection

“The devil is in the detail. And I’m working with him in every single picture I take”

Tina Stephansen, interior photographer

Less is a little bit more

We’re not talking about ordinary mainstream minimalism. We’re talking about an energetic, yet restrained design philosophy, where the bare minimum of design features and functional details are exquisitely set off against a beautifully simplified backdrop.

Copenhagen Collection
Copenhagen Collection

It is exemplified by the solid wood drawers in oak, ash or walnut, allowing you to combine several drawer configurations and formats – without upsetting the inherent visual elegance. And it is possible because the handmade, finger-jointed drawers are flush and symmetrical – regardless which sizes you combine. Another more functional example is the discreet, elegantly rounded grip edging, which makes it comfortable to open and close the drawers.

As we all know, the devil is in the detail, but before we lose ourselves in even more details, we must remember the overall impression that makes Copenhagen Collection so aesthetically pleasing.

created with passion

uno form is individual luxury for the discerning. At our workshop in Denmark, every piece of wood is closely examined and assessed by professionals who are passionate about their work. Experienced craftsmen who are still touched by the sight of an accomplished piece of cabinetmaking – and who are driven by the desire to create flawless units and exclusive details that give uno form life. And soul.

uno form production
uno form production
uno form production