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Classic is the original classic series from uno form, designed in 1968 by Arne Munch. Classic has a stringent appearance with cubic elements and a high plinth that allows the space to be fully utilised – from the floor to the worktop. A sublime cabinet maker’s kitchen – created using the hands, head and heart

Arne Munch’s concept was based on a cube which could be combined in countless ways, and which therefore opened up a wealth of new possibilities. Both aesthetically and functionally.

At the same time, uno form was, from the very outset, always going to be more than just a kitchen. It was sculptural furniture. A room for pure enjoyment. A reflection of the good life. Driven by the vision of enriching each and every customer through daily satisfaction.

uno form C-Series Beech 1968

There is more to uno form than just kitchens. It’s about feelings – allowing yourself to be seduced. And the unsurpassed joy that comes from setting high standards in life – and realising them.

Many of the first kitchens uno form produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s are still standing. But that is not all. They continue to give their owners pleasure every day. This shows that uno form’s timeless design, uncompromising quality and beautiful appearance is built to last.

The characteristic and functional slatted drawer fronts create the ideal handle-free kitchen, integrating the kitchen drawers without drawing attention to their different heights. The unit frames, slatted drawer fronts and drawers are all made of solid wood.

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100 percent original
100 percent enjoyment

When you own a true original work, what you own is essentially a sensation.
The quality is valuable, tangible and indisputable. Not open to discussion.
However, the sensation is intangible, intuitive and impossible to put a value on.
It can be felt. In the pit of your stomach. This is true whether
it is a work of music or art, a piece of furniture or an original uno
form kitchen. All that remains is to lean back and be enchanted.
By aesthetic excellence and function that enriches your life in so
many indescribable ways. It is the original feeling of 100 per
cent enjoyment. .

How to recognise an original 

Classic has a stringent, timeless appearance with cubic elements, unique slatted drawer fronts and a high plinth.
A sublime cabinet maker’s kitchen – created using the hands, head and heart Impossible to replicate.


    The four-sided solid maple drawer frame is constructed using finger joints and lacquered, making it easy to clean. The drawers are fully extendable and have soft close, ensuring excellent gliding and lasting durability.

    The Classic drawer unit reflects the high quality of the kitchen. Regardless of height, the drawer unit has a uniform appearance and the horizontal profile strips blend beautifully with the doors. The slatted drawer fronts are made of solid wood, with the option of laminate surfaces. The slatted drawer fronts are rabbeted, ensuring a tight seal and a beautiful design. The slanting profile of the drawer slats also provides the perfect grip, doing away with conventional handles.

    The Classic unit carcase beautifully unites the cabinetmaker’s solid front frame, with finger joints, and the modern melamine carcase element. All joints are finger joints, ensuring a rugged carcase construction, designed for years’ of daily use.

    The door is rabbeted, ensuring a tight seal and highlighting the beautiful design. It is fitted using the Classic’ special three-point stainless steel hinge, mounted in the solid carcase frame and the door’s solid wooden edge. The hinges require no further adjustment, and withstand extreme load. Yet another unique uno form feature.

created with passion

uno form is individual luxury for the discerning. At our workshop in Denmark, every piece of wood is closely examined and assessed by professionals who are passionate about their work. Experienced craftsmen who are still touched by the sight of an accomplished piece of cabinetmaking – and who are driven by the desire to create flawless units and exclusive details that give uno form life. And soul.

uno form production
uno form production
uno form production