The bathroom is your
everyday retreat

Welcome to uno form’s world of bathrooms, where
we have gathered information and the designer’s best advice
for when you want to decorate or renovate your bathroom.

All of uno form’s products are also available for
the bathroom, so you can create architectural unity
throughout your home. Based on more than 50 years
of Danish craftsmanship, we create every single bathroom
from scratch to match your lifestyle and your home.

Designer advice for your bathroom

The bathroom has really become an everyday refuge where we can enjoy time to ourselves. If you are dreaming of a new bathroom, get some advice from a designer.

The bathroom is a room where the whole family spend a lot of time – day in, day out. Functionality and flow in the bathroom are therefore the first priority when uno form’s interior designer advises you on your new bathroom. "It is essential to find the best layout and think about beautiful and considered storage solutions in the design," says Morten Gylling, uno form Copenhagen.

"Once we have found the most functional design, we start working on the materials. The choice of materials and the design are crucial to the experience you will have," says the designer. "With two of the most popular materials – wood and natural stone – you can create a toned-down exclusive design with stylish lines. Alternatively, you can create a minimalist bathroom with understated luxury using bronzed brass and stone grey tones. And with the Classic design, create a timeless and beautiful bathroom that lasts for generations."

"The details are essential, so we ensure unity with the architecture of the house while also choosing materials to match the customer’s life. For example, natural materials require more maintenance, but at the same time are a little piece of the world," the designer concludes.


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created with passion

uno form is individual luxury for the discerning. At our workshop in Denmark, every piece of wood is closely examined and assessed by professionals who are passionate about their work. Experienced craftsmen who are still touched by the sight of an accomplished piece of cabinetmaking – and who are driven by the desire to create flawless units and exclusive details that give uno form life. And soul.

uno form production
uno form production
uno form production