Smoked Oak

Exclusive and exquisite! The classic uno form units in smoked oak add a hint of exclusiveness and mysticism to this bathroom. Decorative and functional glass units provide lots of storage space.

Bathroom with smoked oak units.
Bathroom with smoked oak units.

Available colors and materials

  • Black Oak

    Black Oak
  • Beech

  • Oak Modern

    Oak Modern
  • Walnut

  • Maple

  • Ash

  • Smoked oak

    Smoked oak
  • Oak

  • Steel plain

    Steel plain
  • Diamond black

    Diamond black
  • Graphite

  • Folkstone

  • Mouse

  • Fog

  • Aluminium

  • Polar white

    Polar white
  • Sno white

    Sno white
  • Alpino Gloss

    Alpino Gloss
  • Bianco Alaska

    Bianco Alaska
  • Castoro Ottowa

    Castoro Ottowa
  • Gregio Londra

    Gregio Londra
  • Nero Ingo

    Nero Ingo
  • Blu Delft

    Blu Delft


The C-Series is the original classic uno form series, designed by Arne Munch in 1968. The C-Series is characterised by its stringent appearance with cubic units and high plinth, which fully exploits the space between floor and worktop. The characteristic and functional slated drawer fronts create the optimum ‘handleless’ kitchen, integrating the kitchen drawers without drawing attention to their different heights. The unit frame, slated drawer fronts and drawers are all made from solid wood. A sublime cabinet maker's kitchen – created using the hands, head and heart.


Front types C-Series

uno form’s drawer unit reflects the high quality of the kitchen. Regardless of height, the drawer unit has a uniform appearance and the horizontal profile strips blend beautifully with the doors.

Slated drawer fronts are made of solid wood with the choice of veneer or laminate surfaces.